3 reasons to renovate

Australians love having a property project. A splash of colour here, some polish there – renovating your own home can be incredibly rewarding process, as well an increasing your enjoyment and comfort. So why should you jump on the home improvement bandwagon?

Here are three reasons to considering giving your property a makeover.

1. Bump up the value

You mightn’t be able to control the real estate market, but you can make a couple of key improvements that could add value further down the line.

This doesn’t necessarily mean pulling out all the stops – it could be taking out a construction loanto add a fresh coat of paint to the exterior or new carpet throughout the home. After all, you want the cost of the renovations to be worth the investment. Talk to your real estate agent and walk around your neighbourhood – what are other people doing to their homes?

2. Why move?

Your family is growing, your needs changing and you may think that a change of scenery is on the cards. However, many homeowners find that it could be more cost efficient to renovate rather than shift.

Think about all the costs involved in moving home: Stamp duties, legal costs, booking an expensive removalist company – instead, you could think about refinancing your home loan to add an extra room, make the kitchen a bit bigger, or expand the living areas to accommodate

3. Creative flare

We’ve all got our own personal preferences when it comes to design and interiors. Whether you’re a minimalist or a connoisseur of colour, if you’ve just moved into a home that doesn’t quite suit your tastes, it’s the opportune time to put your creative stamp on things. Fresh wallpaper, on-trend hues and stylish furniture – the remodelling world is your oyster.