Could a property inspection save you money?

Getting a property inspection before finalising your home loan and committing to a property is one of the best safeguards you have against coming up against unexpected extra costs. After all, purchasing a home is a huge step for most Australians – you want to make sure you're getting the most for your money.

Regardless of whether you're purchasing the property for your own personal occupation, or simply hoping to take out an investment loan and expand your portfolio, the quality of the real estate is an important factor to consider.

Sometimes sellers will take the liberty of providing a property inspection voluntarily. However, if this isn't the case, it could be worth reaching out to a professional and organising your own in-depth look into the integrity and quality of a potential home.

No stone in the house will be left unturned. These real estate professionals will scrutinise the interior and exterior of the property to ensure everything is up to a livable standard. This includes looking into attics, how water cylinders, roofing material – you name it, they'll check it.

They even look for pest infestations to help avoid an unpleasant, surprise visit from any rodents or animals that may be living in or under the property.

Following this, the inspector will compile a report that details their findings, including anything that could become an expensive cost in the near future. These things should be raised with the seller prior to sealing the deal, in order for arrangements to be made.

Getting a professional property inspection done prior to sealing a real estate deal should be at the forefront of any potential buyers mind, in order to protect them from any hidden costs that could arise down the line.