Find your way to the right home loan

When you’re searching for a finance solution to your property plans, wouldn’t it be great to have a map leading you to the right home loan?

Even better, how about a personal guide?

There are many ways to finance a property purchase, so how do you know which particular combination of choices will work for you?

This is where a mortgage adviser can play a role and offer you advice that is so smart, you have to call it smart advice!

Having your own personal mortgage adviser is like having a GPS that can lead you straight to the right home loan solution for you.

And they do it just like the maps app on your smartphone does!

First, they figure out where you are right now. That means finding out about your financial situation and how prepared you are for buying property.

At this stage of the journey, they’ll help you answer all the questions you have, such as how much can I borrow and what can I afford.

Next up they find out where you want to go. This will vary depending on what you want to buy and your purpose for buying it.

You may be looking for a first home in the suburbs, an inner city apartment or townhouse, or alternatively you may wish to invest in a rental or commercial property.

Whatever your goals, your adviser will help you identify and refine your objectives and the best way to achieve them.

Now this is the point where you click the ‘calculate directions’ button!

Your mortgage adviser will do what they do best – find you the best way to get from A to B, from where you are now to where you want to be.