Get your home loan questions answered – and more!

A lot of the intimidation that can accompany securing a home loan for the first time can be traced back to a simple fear of the unknown.

First home buyers might have dozens of questions whizzing around in their heads.

Will I be able to get a home loan? How much can I borrow? How long will it all take? Is it worth getting pre approval?

It's entirely natural to have these and other questions – but there is no need to lose sleep over what the answers may be.

The best way to tackle the unknown is to educate yourself – this way you can quickly graduate to a confident first time buyer.

Mortgage brokers can play a key role in helping you to understand all the ins and outs of home finance.

Firstly, they can sit down and help you work out your personal borrowing capacity – what lenders will likely agree to let you borrow.

Don't let them stop there though! This is your opportunity to get all your mortgage questions answered.

Use the experience and knowledge of your personal mortgage adviser to upsize your home loan confidence.

For instance, ask them to help you work out all the extra costs of buying a house – all those taxes, duties and fees that are hidden in the fine print.

You will need to budget for all of these, as well as for your deposit, so give yourself the best headstart you can by being able to plan for all property purchase costs.

Also get them to explain how each step in the home loan application process works, and the expected timeline of the whole journey.

The main thing to remember is that not having experience in buying a house before is no reason to be at a disadvantage – take control of your property dream and get expert advice now!