Keep your emotions in check when buying a first home

House hunting is exciting business – though it can seem like a series of herculean tasks.

Making the decision to buy a house is no light commitment itself and is followed by the demands of saving for a home loan deposit and then actually locating a property that meets your needs.

Even when you've found that perfect home however, you now face the challenge of not becoming too attached to it before final settlement is reached.

This is very important – and not just to avoid the disappointment that comes with missing out.

Keeping your emotions at bay is a key factor in holding on to your perspective during the house buying process.

No house is actually perfect and each will have its own individual pro's and con's. Keeping a cool head will allow you to evaluate these factors and compare the house with other properties in the same price bracket.

Falling head over heels is also unhelpful when negotiating a price and sale terms.

If winning the house is an absolute must-do, that will become your most important concern in the course of negotiations and you might find yourself jumping through hoops which you hadn't planned for to achieve it.

Instead, you need to keep your emotions sidelined and keep your budget in view. You need to decide on a price above which you will not go and simply stick to your plan, even if it means walking away when the vendor refuses to compromise.

This means you might not be successful with every house you make an offer for, but it will also prevent you from paying more than you had planned or entering into a sale contract with unfavourable terms.

It's natural to be excited about buying a first house and getting a first home loan – just remember to keep calm and grounded when looking for the perfect place.