Plan a home renovation revolution

We’re all struck by brilliant epiphanies from time to time that hold the promise of enriching our lives.

Wouldn’t it be great to learn Latin? How about a trek through the Himalayas? Or what about getting on to that novel you’ve always been meaning to write?

What often happens with some of these flashes of inspiration, however, is that they can begin to lose their appeal after a few days of sober reflection.

You may realise that linguistic declensions aren’t actually all that fun, that traipsing through Nepal takes a bit more preparation than a walk to the nearest park, and that there is in fact nothing scarier than a blinking cursor on a blank page.

Then there are those innocent ideas that start out as little more than the tiniest hint of a notion, a twinkle in your mind’s eye, and yet develop into concrete plans with real follow through.

That’s how many home renovation projects come about.

Unlike those grand schemes concocted to put your mark on the world for all of eternity, focusing that vigour and determination on a smaller scale – and on your home – is not only much more achievable, but can also be a good deal more satisfying.

Home improvement is when you get to wield your power as a home owner and reshape your living environment so that it makes your life better.

As this is your home you are dealing with, it makes sense to ensure that you have planned thoroughly and comprehensively for each step of your renovation.

A big part of this is arranging finance for your project.

Depending on the size of your planned improvements, you may be able to arrange a line of credit for your current home loan, or it could be that you need an entirely separate construction loan.

Whatever the size and scope of the work you have planned, if you need to borrow to make it happen, get in touch with a mortgage adviser to discuss the right loan strategy for you.