Property investment: Two simple things to consider when buying real estate

Property investment loans are great for those looking to facilitate their wealth through the expansion of their portfolio. If you're looking into pursuing investment as a source of income, there are a number of things you should be aware of before committing to any single piece of real estate. 

After all, if this is your first time pursuing these endeavours, here are some hints to take to heart before taking out a home loan and buying real estate. 

Open plan living

Many people look for open plan homes when investigating accommodation options. These types of properties often offer a great indoor/outdoor flow, with fantastic backyards and equally impressive living rooms. 

Having as few obstacles for eyesight and hearing range as possible are some of the characteristics of an open plan property, which help to create a collective environment – a space where people can co-exist without the feeling of imposition that can come from confronting walls. 

Often these homes are preferred by parents with younger children, who need to keep an eye out for what the young ones are getting themselves into, or those who entertain often, due to the naturally more social environment created when people can communicate without hindrance. 


While this one may seem like a tired cliche, the importance of a property's location can have a massive effect on the amount of interest potential tenants will take in your home. 

Being located close to local amenities is a definite bonus; after all, who wants to live extremely far away from the things they utilise daily? 

Take into consideration the proximity of things like local public transport hubs, supermarkets, open spaces – such as parks and reserves – and other places that people often use.