Seeking home loan advice is a smart move

Many first home buyers are probably far more excited about the home they are buying than the home loan they will need to buy it.

This is natural of course, as a first home loan isn't just a piece of paper you sign, it is something you will live with for many years to come.

What if you make the wrong decision? What if you can't afford your repayments? What are the chances that you buy a property in an area about to endure a price slump?

For a novice in the midst of a first foray in the property market, surrounded by strange terms and inscrutable statistics – not to mention conflicting advice offered from well-meaning friends, family, neighbours and shopkeepers – it can be hard to feel you are in control of your destiny.

Won't the market trends simply sweep you away in a tidal wave of median price changes and seismic microeconomic activity?

No, it won't! No matter how much your imagination may insist upon it!

While it is true that you could probably analyse the property market and your mortgage finance options until you are blue in the face, you don't need to have a PhD in economics to successfully find a competitive first home buyer loan and a suitable first property.

Instead, with a bit of research and some smart advice you can achieve that success for yourself, making for a smooth transition to first time home owner.

A mortgage adviser can play a critical role in helping you find the right home loan solution.

They will take you through all your options and establish which loan product and lender is the best match for your circumstances.

This way you can be sure you are making informed decisions, and can benefit from guidance through each stage of the mortgage application process.