Three factors to consider when moving to a new house

When it comes to finding the perfect place to live, there are countless things to think about – but there are three key things that may require more thought than others. From location to home loans, here's a quick guide to get you started.

Location is everything

The old saying 'location, location, location' has endured for a reason – your property's proximity to your work, schools and local amenities will all have a crucial impact on your quality of life.

Are you the type who loves to luxuriate over a morning coffee in a cafe? Or perhaps you love jogging through a picturesque park? These questions will help you determine where you would like to live and what kind of community best suits you.

Getting around

You'll want to make sure your home is located within easy reach of the places you visit most regularly. Transport links are crucial, whether you are looking for the quickest route to drive to work or you take the bus, train, tram or ferry.

In Newcastle, for example, a light rail transit proposal could make the rejuvenated CBD more accessible to those living in suburban areas – and in the years to come, properties along this line could be particularly appealing for local residents.

Money matters

Everyone's preferences when choosing a new home are different – and so is each individual financial situation. Whether you are buying with a spouse or partner, or going it alone, you will want to carefully consider your home loan options.

An important question to ask yourself is: "How much can I borrow?" Determining the answer can help you come up with a home loan strategy that perfectly meets your needs.