Tips for creating a kid-friendly home

Are you going to soon hear the pitter-patter of little feet? Adding another person to your household is one of the most exciting times of anyone’s life, but it often comes with a few questions. Will your home be big enough to accommodate your budding family? And what about when your child gets a bit older?

The last thing you want to be thinking about is the stress and hassle of moving house when you’re expecting a baby, so why not organise a construction loan with your mortgage broker and renovate instead? Here are a few ideas to kick start your project.

Free up space

As your child grows, your home might start to feel a bit cramped – but there are plenty of things that you can do to add a bit of space. If you want to tackle a large renovation, extending your property could be the way to go. You can physically add another bedroom or living area, freeing up space elsewhere for your child (or children!).

Or, if you want to pull out the sledgehammer, it could be a handy idea to knock through to a smaller, adjoining room to create a bigger floor space. Not only does it give them their own place to play, but they can grow with the room and make it their own once they want a bit more privacy.

Keep it timeless

The thing about your child is – they won’t be one forever! A beautiful pink and girly room might seem like a good idea now, but you might need to change it in only a year’s time. Stick to a gender-neutral palette on the walls that can be spruced up with bright and colourful accessories, like pillows, a rug or a painted headboard for the bed. Paint can be the most flexible option for doing a quick and cost-efficient makeover – and it can easily change with your child.