Melbourne apartments expected to increase due to increasing population

If you're looking into apartments in Melbourne as a first home buyer, an investor, or just a lover of high-rise living, the City of Melbourne's latest discussion paper could be right up your alley.

The Future Living paper is aiming to begin discussions about creating affordable, well-designed city living in the wake of an incoming population boom.

The chair of Melbourne's planning committee, Ken Ong, predicated in a statement released June 13 that by 2013, over 42,000 new homes will be built in Melbourne to accommodate for the additional 80,000 people coming to the city.

"Most of these homes will be apartments, and it’s important that they are well-designed. We want to talk about what design elements make an apartment good place to live in, and the kind of developments that enhance amenity," Mr Ong said in the statement.

"We know that well planned developments and surroundings can have a dramatic impact on residents physical and social well-being. Melbourne is famous for its liveability, Future Living will help us understand how to keep it that way."

One of the aspects of discussion raised was about the size of the proposed new apartments. This was a crucial area of focus for the city planners to ensure that the new homes were comfortable and of a high standard for Melbourne residents.

If you're considering moving to Melbourne, the results of this discussion paper could influence the types of housing you will be investing in.

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