Reductions in government red tape for construction good for investment

If you're considering taking out a construction loan in the near future, now could be the perfect time to put those plans into action.

The coalition government's decision on July 8 to reduce the amount of red tape surrounding policy in an attempt to reduce regulation in order to boost productivity has been praised by Master Builders Australia (MBA).

Wilhelm Harnisch, chief executive officer of the MBA, said in a statement released July 8 that he looks forward to seeing what policies the government rolls out following their announcement.

"The building and construction industry is one of the most intensely regulated industries in Australia, with legislation and red tape applied at all three levels of government," Mr Harnish said.

Mr Harnisch went onto say that there is too much time spent dealing with compliance processes rather than focusing on what really matters – the creation of jobs, driving the economy and building homes and infrastructure throughout Australia.

"There has been a raft of legislation and regulation introduced in recent years that are anti-productivity and add unnecessary costs. The policy discussion focussing on increasing productivity and decreasing regulation is certainly welcome."

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