Victorian housing figures reveal detached home majority

Overall, residents of Victoria prefer detached homes to any other kind of property – and this is reflected in the breakdown of different types of housing throughout the state.

New data compiled by the Real Estate Institute of Victoria based on the housing statistics from the 2011 Australian Census shows that 77 per cent of the properties across Victoria are comprised of detached homes, compared with 13 per cent apartments and flats, and ten per cent semi-detached properties, townhouses and terrace homes.

It won't come as a surprise that the larger – and more expensive – the property, the greater the number of people living in it. Conversely, apartments were the preferred housing option for single occupants and couples without children.

Approximately 48 per cent of apartment-dwellers live on their own, and a further 20 per cent are couples without children – figures that underscore this is the preferred type of dwelling for smaller households.

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